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Quantity takeoff is considered as one of the key tasks in the process of construction since it laid the foundation for several other tasks.The quantities are used to getting the estimation of the cost and the pertinent workload. Quantity takeoff is continuously applied throughout the process of construction. So, one cannot afford to hire a quantity takeoff Designer who is less capableby any means. Our Quantity takes off designers are a detail-oriented, experience of estimation in commercial projects of large scale. Our designers take the responsibilities for calculation of quantities, estimation of working of man-hours and hours on the machine as well as the material consumption breakdown. Our Quantity takes off Designerprovides a high quality job inthe stipulated time frame.

A conceptual approach to cost estimation ofthe skeleton of structure using an interactive automation algorithm.

They provide a framework design for BIM-based construction cost estimating software regardingimprovement and development.

They also providea methodology to overcome cost estimation and related problems in initial phases in the process of building design.

Evaluation of early-stage multi-level cost estimation.

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